My First Book

My First Book 10 - Pet Friends (1Y+)

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My First Book – Pet Friends covers a wide range of pets and helps parent-child interaction through performing child-pet activities and different hands-on gadgets. Parents are able to vividly introduce the life habits and characteristics of different pets to the children and help the children choose the pets they want to keep and grow with them.

Researchers from Finland found that children’s contact with animals can help promote the development and maturity of their immune systems. Their immune response will be more stable, and the repair time after infection will be shortened. Children with pets are also more likely to learn various communication techniques such as humility, care, tolerance, etc., which teaches them positive character traits.

My First Book is a series of fabric pages containing activities to entertain and engage your child in their first stages of development. Montessori styled teaching allows children to develop their natural interests through activities. Each book has a complimentary waterproof backpack sold as a set, which aims to teach children the value of cleaning up after playing.

Recommended age: 1+ Years


  • Designed by qualified and experienced teachers. Each page is devoted to your child’s learning of a single skill.
  • The set includes one fabric book and one backpack.
  • All materials are non-toxic and are safe to use children.

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