My daughter is the one inspiring me to create this brand, and it is named after her. I always believe that over dazzling pattern and design overshadow children’ true characteristics. On the other hand, sheer simplicity with some playful details can shift the focus back to the child and make each of them shine brightly. Plus, kids at this age need comfy fabrics and cutting allowing them to freely romp around.

At first Naomi Wear handpicked indie brands mainly from Japan and Korea, introducing simple, comfy yet playful kids wear designed for little humans aged from 0 to 8 years old. Gradually we started to create our own label collection with unique design that has strong Japanese influence, many of which are inspired by Japanese kimono.  We love to create styles that can sparkle children's imagination, with those cute animal elements and interactive function, which triggers many interesting conversations and role plays.  

Thank you, Naomi, you brought me a totally fresh perspective of life, the experience of reconnecting with my own childhood memory, more importantly, the opportunity of sharing value and passion with many moms alike.






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