mimi mono 奈美良一

Pinkfong - Phase 2 Puzzles

$139.00 HKD
*Pre Order. Estimated arrival in 7-10 business-days once you've placed the order.
Composing puzzles calms the child down, teaches patience and perceptiveness.
This unique 4-in-1 puzzle set features iconic Pinkfong characters and their daily life. 
It develops hand-eye coordination skills and enhances problem solving skills. 
A great alphabet learning tool and a unique gift for 3+ years old children.
What's included: 
- Puzzles x4
- Pieces: 9/12/15/20
- Stickers x1
- Graphic instructions x1
Suitable for 3+ year old
Product dimensions: 24*13.5*22.5

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