mimi mono 奈美良一

Nom Nom the Alligator Baby Romper

$288.00 HKD

Would you like to adopt this hilarious alligator?

It has a great sense of humour and loves jokes. Keep your food out of sight, otherwise you'll see it end up in this alligator's mouth! A big foodie, its favourite food consists of everything sweet. Nothing's too big for it to stuff its mouth in, which can be quite funny when you see it in action.

As soft as cloud in 100% smooth cotton. Featuring a relaxing fit in 3D teeth running through its side for a playful touch, and snap buttons for gentle wearing.

[SPCA Donation Program] Thank You For Doing Your Part! Part of proceeds (HKD20) for every animal outfit purchased will be donated to SPCA's animal welfare efforts.

Size Chest  Sleeves Length Length


24cm 29cm 55cm
70(6-12M) 26.5cm 31cm 59cm
80(12-24M) 29cm 33cm 63cm

*All dimensions are measured lying flat.

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